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Bill and HeatherCountry life was always a factor when we looked for a place to live, so back in 2002 Heather and I quit our city jobs and purchased a small Cottage Resort in the country on Halls Lake in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario Canada.

We live on the resort grounds and enjoying helping people with their all season weekend getaways and vacation plans along with Family Reunion planning.

Country life has been an adjustment especially to Heather as their is no Walmarts up here but we did get a Timmy’s a few years back.

The fresh country air has done wonders for Heather’s asthma and for me the exercise I get from doing the resort maintenance helps keep my diabetes under control.

Overall we love it, it’s a different life style….

One of the biggest benefits was the grand kids had a huge playground to enjoy from tobogganing, swimming, fishing to catching frogs. Oh what a life….

In 2017 we sold the resort and moved onto retirement life.

Below you will see our profile on what we’re all about and the things we do to support our past customers, resort guests and visitors to the Haliburton Highlands.

Summary of What We Do



Blog Vacation Things To Do

Our Blog Vacation Things To Do supports resort guests and visitors to the area by letting them know all the things happening in the Haliburton Highlands in order to get the most out of their vacation or weekend getaways in a country setting.


See our blog here Vacation Things To Do



Blog BBQ Cooking at the Cottage

We blog on BBQ cooking at the cottage by researching great recipes from the internet and post them by categories. We then test and modify them for the BBQ.

Our cabins at the resort do not have ovens but they all have BBQ's which acts like an oven. Our cottage do have ovens and BBQ's.

It has been fun doing this because we get to taste them all. We do post our modified results for all to see and welcome our resort guest to comment on their experiences.

See our blog at BBQ Cooking at the Cottage



Blog Cottages For Sale

Our blog on cottages and businesses for sale in the Haliburton Highlands originated from resort guests staying over with us and visiting the surrounding area looking for that dream cottage for their family or a retirement cottage.


This helps you find cottages for sale and businesses of interest in the surrounding area see Haliburton Cottages For Sale

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Our NewsLetters

The NewsLetter is where we communicate with our subscribers.

Our goal is to supply you with quality posts on things to do and sites to see while vacationing in the area.

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What's In The NewsLetters

  • Special offers for resort accommodations
  • Free vacation E-Books and travel information
  • Places to dine out at from fine dining to take-out
  • Sites to see, local shops and museums to collect history
  • Recreational activities close by, summer and winter
  • BBQ recipes to cook at the cottage
  • Free Report on Most Popular Activity

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News Letter has been put on hold because we have sold the resort and will be back soon

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